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About Conference

Fifth International Alzheimer's Conference 2023
The Saudi Alzheimer's Disease Society has lunched to organize four international Alzheimer's conferences, which have achieved success, in which experiences and expressions of Alzheimer's disease were presented. The Fifth International Alzheimer's Conference 2023 includes more than 30 elite local and international speakers with specialization in Alzheimer's disease for 3 days. It addresses patients with illnesses, their personal care and social care, and the Alzheimer's patient's coping and care experience.

what is Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease (neurodegenerative disorder). And patients with this disease deteriorate, which leads to deterioration.
Neurons and neurons communicate with other cells. In Alzheimer's disease, abnormal protein molecules collect in the brain. Neurons and the activities upon which these cells depend for their survival. Most normal people develop patches and lumps in their brains as they age, but people with Alzheimer's disease develop more patches and lumps in their brains in an expected pattern.
Most chronic diseases progress and progress over time in a way that can, in general, be predicted in advance. Cases of the same disease, the same disease, the same disease. This disparity is part of the natural differences between humans.
The disease usually begins with the performance of daily activities and some disturbing behaviors, as well as cognitive impairment in cognitive functions and functions, and the disease continues to progress at a pace that differs from one person to another until the final stages of the disease. It is scientifically known that there is still a good condition, and it has reached the same final stage. And found a medical study in a medical study.